Short on Space?

P1070670Grow Veggies in a Pot

Spurred by the heightened awareness of healthy foods and the fast-spreading locavore movement, vegetable gardening has become a national craze gripping the country with a fervor not seen since the days of WW II and the cultivation of victory gardens. Middle school kids are raising vegetables for their cafeterias. Apartment dwellers are growing vegetables in community plots. And some very green gardeners are even cultivating crops on green roofs. But what if you have no access to a plot of land or your plot of land is so shady only moss can thrive, can you share in this booming pastime? Absolutely you can. Sow and grow your vegetables in containers.   Raising crops in pots on patios, decks and apartment rooftops has some advantages over in-ground cultivation. For one thing, pots are portable and if need be can be moved around to follow the sun’s path; remember, vegetable plants need at least six hours of full sun. Also the soil in pots warms up more quickly than soil in the ground, effectively extending the growing season. Container gardening eliminates the threat of pathogens such as fusarium and verticillium wilts, two soil-borne fungi that clog plant tissue restricting water intake eventually killing the plants. And growing crops in pots deters vegetarian critters such as voles and slugs from feasting on food meant for your family. Continue reading “Short on Space?”